Money Basics

Our book has been published! Money Basics: Your family’s financial curriculum is available through Amazon and CreateSpace.

27 fun and illuminating activities encourage children to handle money well. With an emphasis on earning, saving, and investing money, you are sure to find the tools for your child’s future success right here.
These activities help children learn:

  • Value of money
  • Hard work
  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Charitable Giving
  • What money is
  • What value coins and dollars have
  • Money skills like delayed gratification
  • Smart shopping skills
  • Setting goals for money
  • Making choices about how to spend money
  • Taxes
  • Investing
  • Compound interest
  • Making larger purchases
  • What the st ock market is
  • How the st ock market works
  • Patience
  • Value
  • How to Earn money


“Fabulous book! I love it! I like how the activities are divided into age level sections of the book. There is also a nice variety of activities that can be adjusted as needed for whoever is doing them. The easy to understand, clear instructions are great. I plan to use some of the ideas in here to improve on what we are already doing and get the kids more excited and invested in it.”
– Natalie Guerrero, mother of 3

“I think you have done a fantastic job. I thought the activities were age appropriate, and there were so many good ideas! As a teacher, I could have used some of those ideas in my classroom!”
– Donna Dean, mother of 6

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